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Our Bulgarian holiday home, Tankovo.

Planning from home
First trip 18/9/2004
Finding other owners
The 2nd trip 22/June 2005
The 3rd trip 17/Sept 2005
The 3rd trip . 2nd week
The final instalment
The gallery

Sianella apartments

Our names are Rod & Julie and this is a journal of our first foray into buying a property abroad.
The mistakes. The pitfalls. The problems.
The eventual outcome.

The picture above is of our apartment block in Tankovo.  

The picture on the right is how we first saw the site after building had started.

We first thought about buying abroad in 2004 because we felt that property everywhere was on the increase and so no time was a good time to buy but now was the right time.
Years ago would have been better and cheaper but tomorrow would be worse and dearer, so take the plunge and as they say.

Looking towards Tankovo

This picture (right) is looking towards Tankovo and the mountains beyond, which are to become our view from the patio.It's also our background on the computer. 


The building site

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