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Planning from home

Planning from home
First trip 18/9/2004
Finding other owners
The 2nd trip 22/June 2005
The 3rd trip 17/Sept 2005
The 3rd trip . 2nd week
The final instalment
The gallery

The search area

Use the web and plan the trip.

So we decided we were going to buy a place abroad, we just didn't know where. 'Bulgaria.' said Julie. 'What?' said I. 'Bulgaria, Bulgaria's cheap I've been looking at it.' She said.
Ok, lets find out more.
Maps, books, the net, they all gave an insight to a place we only knew as a once communist block country where businessmen were followed by police in black cars during the 70s.
We trawled the net looking at houses, looking at property agents sites, some with no pictures others with hardly any description some overpriced, finally settling on an agent whose site showed a good amount of pics, was easy to navigate,gave good descriptions of the properties whether or not the report was good or bad and where the prices were what we were prepared to pay.
So after numerous e-mails & phonecalls we decided to book a flight and go. The only problem was we had already booked to go to Greece and wanted that holiday out of the way so we could get on with becoming 'property tycoons'so we sat back looked at more houses printed them off and watched them get snapped up so fast we wondered if there would be any left for us.Printed off more & watched as they too got snapped up.
We decided on a plan of action. Start viewing near Sofia then work our way to the coast a bit at a time viewing with the agents reps as we went then getting passed over to the next rep as we hit their territory.
Simple. Oh yeah. NO, NOT SIMPLE.
With a week to go before we flew and a portfolio of properties to see as thick as a brick we were informed the rep who was showing us properties in the Sofia area was sick & would we mind starting somewhere else. We decided that we would do it in total reverse and start in the Varna/Bourgas areas then slowly make our way back to Sofia
As I said simple. Well, as you will see it wasn't!  

I dont think we have ever travelled as light as we did for this trip.Julie says I always take too many trousers and you know what, I do.

This time I had to keep wearing the same ones.

Two small holdalls dont do as they say 'holdall'

But at least we could flit from hotel to hotel at will in 20mins flat which was good, cos we did.  

Sofia centre
Chill out & take a snap

Cafe's everywhere in Sofia. Just pick one with a view to people watch. 

Little did we know then how much travelling we were to do over the course of the next week.

Hectic? You bet.