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The 2nd trip 22/June 2005

Planning from home
First trip 18/9/2004
Finding other owners
The 2nd trip 22/June 2005
The 3rd trip 17/Sept 2005
The 3rd trip . 2nd week
The final instalment
The gallery

Our first view. Not much to see!!!!!!

Once back in England it was finger twiddling time for a few weeks waiting for the property company to post the plans on their web site, and after a few phone calls and e-mails it appeared somewhat later than expected.
We then set about choosing the one we wanted based on m2 of the apartment, accesibility, and design. We chose the ground floor because of the large patio and the fact it had a balcony that went right round from the bedroom to meet that patio (Something which later nearly didn't happen)so you could walk right round the whole of the outside whilst still being on the balcony.
Not much happened in the ensuing weeks/months and we were not due to go out again till June so it was just a case of looking at things to buy here to take over there such as duvets and covers, things we knew we could buy over there but didn't like the colours of.
Time however passed quite quickly and we were soon off again this time flying to Bourgas direct from Birmingham and staying in an apartment outside nessebar which we were somewhat dismayed to find when we got there in the middle of the night had no curtains on any of the windows. 
An oversight by the furnishing company? We were told they would be fitted whilst we were there but that never happened. It's amazing how forgetful you get and by the end of the week I was amazed not to have been arrested for flashing.
We had arranged to meet the property company to go and have a look at progress & to be quite honest I was a little suprised to find only the footings had been done and thought then that if this is going to be done on schedule then I'm a Dutchman. (My name's not Hans)
So as we could not see what they were going to be looking like we asked to see one that was nearly complete and were taken about half a mile away to another small complex exactly the same as Sianella. The build was good quality, we liked the look of the whole thing and were quite happy.
We wanted to see a kitchen but could not be shown one so later that week went looking for one and found a place in St. Vlas that sold Italian kitchens at quite a good price & they designed it there and then on the spot for us, then the owner took us to see some properties he had furnished and fitted out with kitchens.
They were excellent quality so we decided to go with them. No money changed hands at that point only business cards for us to contact them later on.  

The type of kitchen we chose

Later that week we also went to look for marble tiles as we did not want the laminate flooring the builders would supply. As we did not know where to go the property company supplied us with two guys who knew just where to go and we went to Bourgas to a big marble stockist where we found Vrachanski stone, a white marble with blue veins running through it which we were later to find out would possibly not be any good for the job so had to spend extra time looking for a substitute which we did. The only problem was that we were told later the supplier could not get enough of the one we wanted, so it was a good job we had another alternative colour ready to take it's place.